Hello my name is Alejandra! I created my WordPress account to be able to get a grade on my computer class in school. I’m currently 18 years old, living in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon studying my last semester of high school at U-erre. I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona, but I’ve been living in Mexico for about five years now. I first lived in Obregon Sonora, where my parents are from for three years. This takes us to the point of this blog post. A beautiful place I would like to recommend for people to visit that is in Sonora.

It’s San Carlos a few minutes out side of the city of Guaymas in Sonora.

There’s is numerous beaches and activities to do here, the landscapes are amazing and beautiful. You can see the desert of Sonora and the ocean come together and create an awesome view.

It’s mostly like living in a town living here, mostly the people who live in San Carlos are retired US. residents. One of my favorite dishes is camarones aguachile, which is seafood, what can be more relaxing than enjoying the delicious seafood of Sonora right there with a beautiful view of the ocean and the super friendly customer service the friendly people of Sonora provide.

The different beaches at San Carlos are the next ones, all of them are beautiful.

Los Algodones beach 


San Francisco beach


Piedras Pintas beach


Miramar beach


In Mexico there are so many beautiful places waiting to be discovered by the world. I have been going to San Carlos my whole life, and I think it has great potential and is worth to be visited by more people.